Who do you help?

Did you know over 30% of U-M students struggle with food insecurity in some way? We are here to help anyone with a valid U-M ID.

I’m short on food, but I don’t think I need ‘help’.

Come on in anyway. Just look around or leave with a couple grocery bags, it’s your choice. We’re here to support you, however you need it. Choose a time that best suits you through our online appointment system.

Will this impact my financial aid?

No, accessing Maize and Blue Cupboard will not impact your financial aid.

Is there a limit on food?

There’s no limit on food. Take what you need, but eat what you take. We’re set up like a grocery store, so you have free choice to choose what you prefer to eat. You might see suggested portions for certain food items. This is to help ensure we don’t run out of high-demand items. If there is something else you’d like to see in the space, let us know.

Is there a limit on other items?

We have a limited supply of personal items and cookware. We ask that you please limit shopping cookware to once a semester and personal needs to once a month, if possible.

When can I shop?

Appointments can be made to shop at a convenient time that works for your schedule. Visit the home page of the Maize and Blue Cupboard website to find more information or click here.

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy is at the center of our mission to ensure the dignity of all individuals. Information will not be shared with any entity, individual, or organization outside of the requirement to fulfill USDA, University of Michigan, and Food Gatherers policies. Outside of requiring your U-M ID, nobody is verifying the information you provide.

When will appointments start?

Starting Monday 10/30, the Maize and Blue Cupboard will be by appointment only. All MCard holders will need to schedule their own appointments for shopping.

How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance, on a rolling basis.

How often can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled based on need. If you regularly shop twice per week, please schedule two shopping appointments. However, only schedule appointments for times you plan to visit the Maize and Blue Cupboard.

Why the transition to appointments?

This decision is driven by the growing demand for the Cupboard’s services, and the Cupboard’s mission to ensure that every student and UM community member can access the essential food that they need.

Can I bring my friend to my appointment?

Shopping appointments are for one MCard holder at a time. Your friend will need their own appointment and MCard to shop at the Cupboard.

Do I still need my MCard?

Yes, the student greeter will need to see your MCard at every appointment.

If there is no line do I still need an appointment?

Yes. At this time, MBC will not be able to accommodate walk-in shopping. All shopping must be done by appointment.

Appointments are 15 minutes long – can I shop longer?

To accommodate as many shoppers as possible, there is a limit of 15 minutes for shopping.

What if there isn’t an available appointment for a couple of days?

If you come to the Cupboard without an appointment, we have emergency food bags available to help fill your cabinets until your next scheduled appointment.  These bags contain pre-packaged non-perishable items like canned vegetables, canned fruit, grains, and cereal.